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Powerful and flexible RFC-compliant POP3 server
Teapop is a POP-3 server (compliant with RFC1939 and RFC2449)
which supports:
* Virtual hosting ("VPOP")
* Flexible authentication (can get username/password from
mysql, PostgreSQL, LDAP, .htpasswd files, system password db...)
* mbox and Maildir-style spools
* Use of X-UIDL headers
* Ignoring UW-IMAPD control mails
* Running from inetd or standalone
* Various possible POP-before-SMTP methods if you know
what you're doing.
The binary in this package does not include support for database
authentication. Use the teapop-mysql, teapop-pgsql or teapop-ldap
packages as appropriate if you need more than simple file-based
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