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package org.toontown.teapop;

 * Authentication for use with teapop server
 * This interface is provided for reference because teapop does not check the interface,
 * it checks for the methods with correct signature in the authentication object

00009 public interface Authentication {

   * Called by teapop server to authenticate user
   * @param userid userid of account to be authenticated
   * @param domain domain of account to be authenticated
   * @param password password to be authenticated
   * @param apopstr server APOP string to be used in APOP authentication
   * @param isapop indicate to use APOP authentication
   * @return object that implements the User interface
  public Object doPOPAuth(String userid,
                          String domain,
                          String password,
                          String apopstr,
                          boolean isapop);


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